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Opera and Cheesecake

I hosted the two most recent episodes of the Nextbook podcast. The visit with composer Leonard Lehrman dwells on how he’s completed Marc Blitzstein’s unfinished works, but before Lehrman gets there his description of his own first opera is my favorite bit of tape of the year. Then there’s a tour of the S&S Cheesecake factory in the Bronx. Wish I had pictures of eating a quarter of a cheesecake with my hands. As always, producer Julie Subrin made the stories and me sound good; will miss working with her when I go.

Frey, Wilkomirski, Oprah, Wiesel

I’ve been watching the James Frey story unfold, noting the similarities between this scandal and the debunking of Binjamin Wilkomirski’s Fragments—the publishers’ shrugs, supporters standing by him, and today’s NYTimes lists some prescient skeptics. When Elie Wiesel became part of the story, I decided to weigh in.