The New Yorker Out Loud, 2008-2012. Listen on or iTunes.

Economy Candy,, April 3, 2006. Podcast interview with owner Jerry Cohen.

My Bachelor Uncle,, February 27, 2006. Podcast interview with Ian Buruma, author of Conversations With John Schlesinger. Listen to/download mp3; read intro and book excerpt.

Fists of Fury,, February 6, 2006. Podcast interview with Barney Ross biographer Douglas Century. Listen to/download mp3

The Ambassador of Go, Third Coast International Audio Festival, October 22, 2005. Feng Yun, a 9-dan Go professional from China, makes her way in America. Also aired on Weekend America, October 22, 2005.

Taking Over the World, Weekend America, July 30, 2005. Love and betrayal at a Diplomacy tournament.

Domesticated Cricket, The Next Big Thing, August 27, 2004. Is America ready for a professional cricket league?

The Best and Brainiest, The Next Big Thing, May 28, 2004. Cooper Union students describe their projects in the End of the Year Show.

Playmates, The Next Big Thing, April 29, 2004. Robin King and John McCallion found each other through a transatlantic game of postal chess. Now they review board games. Produced by Emily Botein. Listen.

Birthplace of Dreams, Candide Media Works. Scripts for cell-phone tour of the Lower East Side narrated by Jerry Stiller.

Haunted, This American Life, October 31, 1997, Act Two. A year before Binjamin Wilkomirski was exposed, he came to New York and visited with my family. Listen; read transcript.

Chairman of the Block, This American Life, September 12, 1997, Act Four. Nick Drakides does his Frank Sinatra act on a stoop on East Fourth Street. Listen; read transcript.

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