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God Moves the World: reader and author #subway

On the way to 29th Street Wednesday morning, I saw a woman looking through a book titled God Moves the World with a drawing of President Obama on the cover. As part of my subway photography project, I pay attention to the reading habits of religious commuters. Their texts rarely descend to worldly matters such as Presidential politics, so I asked about this one.

The reader pointed to the woman sitting next to her: Marie E. Pierre, the author of God Moves the World: Prayers and Contemplations for Barack Obama:

All her life, Marie has had periods of dreams centered on a common theme. During the [2008] election and in the early days of the Obama presidency, Marie experienced a series of recurring dreams seeking expression. With a pen and notepad next to her bed, Marie would awaken and remain as suspended in her dream-state as possible while she wrote down the thoughts and images streaming into her consciousness.

Available as an e-book and in paperback, God Moves the World sounds like a manifestation of my colleague David Jacobs (and Shaquille O’Neal before him) call dreamful attraction.

Marie published God Moves the World in August, so I’m guessing she still sees in the President, as she put it, “a potential similar to that of Moses – the ability to lead the people of America out of darkness.”

Sweet dreams, Marie!

Marie e pierre, author of God Moves the World